About Us


From the Founder

Minoo Patel

" It gives me great pride and joy to see what NGDA has grown into today. With expansion in retail and continued excellence in distribution, NGDA continues to be a "Name you can trust". I am happy to see the tradition of ethical and fair practices backing all business decisions continue. Looking to the future I hope for NGDA to become the best consumer durables marketing company in central India. I wish my sons and my grandson all the best in their future endeavours and hope for another 50 years of continued success. God Bless "

From the Directors

Dorab Patel

" As a group we are committed to providing superior products and services to our customers and building strong relationship based on trust built over 50 years of operations.We have a dedicated and professional team of customer centric people who take pride in their work, share a common vision and who are our biggest asset. Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to experience our customer service and know more about our group and what we stand for. "

Behram Patel

" Welcome to our new and improved website! Our most important company assets are our reputation for ethical practices, honesty and fair dealing. Reputation is a very fragile asset that can easily be destroyed by the actions or failures of one or more of us. We therefore emphasize and reinforce our commitment and adherence to high standards in our dealings with our customers, competitors, and suppliers. Integrity and honest dealings are always central to how we conduct business. We encourage your feedback as our website evolves and hope our site is useful in providing you information about our company & the products we deal in. Best Regards "

Chirayush Patel

" We are looking to build on our strengths and expand retail and distribution network to new industry sectors, as well as new geographies. We have started 4 new stores in the past 3 years, taking our total retail network to 14 locations. We look forward to developing new business relationships and continue in our tradition of fair practices."